Natural Hair Treatments – Beautiful, Healthy Hair For Less

Natural hair treatments that you make yourself at home can help bring new life back to hair that has been over processed. We bleach, color, straighten, perm and use harsh heat treatments like flat irons and blow dryers on our hair; then wonder why our hair is frizzy and full of split ends! Not to mention using shampoos, conditioners and styling products full of chemicals that are detrimental to our health in general, and also to the health of our hair.

Natural hair treatments used to be the norm. We rinsed our hair with vinegar for added shine; used flat beer to give our hair extra body and made hair masks with honey and natural oils to give it health. It is not that these inexpensive treatments that can easily be made at home are ineffective. On the contrary, they work well, and are inexpensive. Maybe that is the real problem: big companies are wasting their advertising dollars if you make products like these at home. If they can convince you to buy their products, instead of making your own inexpensive ones, they make money. It doesn’t really matter to them if your hair or pocketbook suffers for it.

Natural hair treatments such as masks, hair oils and creams that you make yourself are effective treatments for troubled hair. Dry hair is a very common problem, and months of winter weather being cooped up in homes and offices with central heating systems only make the problem worse. Treatments that you make at home from hair-nourishing ingredients such as essential oils, honey and lightweight oils such as jojoba and sweet almond oil keep hair healthy and give added shine and bounce to the hair micropigmentación capilar marbella.

As well as natural hair treatments such as the ones described above, you can also make your own high-quality shampoos from natural source ingredients such as castile soap. Castile soap comes in both bar and liquid forms, and is derived from pure olive oil, a moisturizing ingredient without par. It doesn’t contain drying ingredients such as alcohols, and is made without preservatives. Compare that to shampoos that you buy that contain sodium lauryl sulphate. That particular ingredient is incredibly damaging to both your health and your hair. It was originally manufactured as an engine degreaser, so why would you want this ingredient in your shampoo?

Natural hair treatments are not difficult to make at all. Your newly shiny, healthy hair will be the best investment you have ever made from a little time and effort learning how to make these incredibly effective treatments at home.

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